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FOX News
Sep 25, 2012 1:00am PDT
authoritative even when dodging the question. >> i will not lower the share of taxes paid by high income individuals. and i will make sure that we bring down rates, we limit deductions and exemptions so we can keep the -- in the code and encourage growth in the jobs. >> devil is in the detail. what are we talking about mortgage deduction, charitable deduction. >> the devils is in the details wanted the angel is in the policy which is creating more jobs. >> it's obvious mitt romney does not want to say what deductions and tax exemptions he would phase out. that's because there are tons, tons of unintended consequences for limiting mortgage deductions, charitable donations, things like that. the governor simply doesn't want to deal with the fallout in the middle of his campaign. but i believe romney does want to simplify the tax code and keep the wealthy paying far more federal tax than anybody else. on the subject of romney's own money, there is unfairness going on. the democrats say. this. >> mitt romney paid just 14.1% in taxes last year. he keeps millions in bermuda and the cayman isla
FOX News
Oct 1, 2012 5:00pm PDT
the world there is a struggle for fairness. the united nations once again proposing a global tax on billionaires. 1% of their wealth would be given to the u.n. to disperse throughout the third world. it's not going to happen but that's what many want to see. wealthy people being forced f. to give up assets to the controlling power. the problem with that is the that controlling power is often corrupt, inept or apathetic. does anyone believe the u.n. spends money responsibly? anyone? buehrle? how about the u.s.a.? the more money washington gets the more it wastes. why? because we don't have enough federal workers to police the entitlements hundreds of billions of dollars are wasted or stolen. we all remember this guy in the bathtub, jeff neeley partying in vegas his crew ran up $825,000 in expenses for nothing. they just wanted to live large on the taxpayer dime. how about the drug enforcement agency? few years ago it sent 368 people to istanbul for a conference. price tag $1.2 million. more than a thousand dollars aday for each american at the event. i could sit here all night and
FOX News
Oct 2, 2012 5:00pm PDT
, his flip flops on various issues. he's going to press him from very specifics on your tax program and what you're going to phase out as far as deductions are concerned, all of that. is the governor going to be able to parry, can he parry? can he think fast enough on his feet to block inevitably what's going to come his way? >> he absolutely can. if you remember the debates with newt gingrich, speaker gingrich was challenging him on his immigration policy. he was really going after him about deporting grandmothers and he thought on his feet and came back with a great response. we can't deport 11 million grandmothers. there aren't 11 million grandmothers that we're deporting. so he can. he can retort. what the governor has got to do, it's not about parrying, it's about going on offense. it's about starting the debate on offense and finishing the debate on offense. >> bill: remember, though, because i've debated barak obama twice, i mean, he's not jimmy carter. reagan was the template who destroyed carter. but obama is much quicker than jimmy carter was. now, i don't think mitt romne
FOX News
Sep 26, 2012 1:00am PDT
away leads on these." good grief. romney already paid tax on the money he invested in order to capture capital gains. that's double taxation, but that's our system, doctor. the feds get a piece of everything. amy, scottsdale, arizona. has anyone considered elderly folks who saved their entire lives so they can have money coming from investments? a rise in the capital gains tax would greatly affect them. something everyone should consider when voting, amy. tahiti, french polynesia. seriously, o'reilly, showing interviews conducted by howard stern. i'm demonstrating what's going on in the political process. that was my intention. bob, miami, florida. bill, you missed howard's intention. his piece showed that some supporting president obama are clueless. i think i got that. ignorance can be found in every ethic group. dr. martinez, the bronx, new york. if stern asked white voters the same questions he'd asked black voters he could have gotten equal ridiculous answers. david, northville, michigan. bill, you let koppel escape when he said fox news leans rights, you should have pointed to th
FOX News
Sep 27, 2012 1:00am PDT
they ought to be paying income tax here, you know. but if this was not real close, they both wouldn't be here all the time. and i think what romney needs to do, the question is people wonder does he understand their problems? and when is he out there, he touches them. he just has got to touch as many people as he can. that's why he has to keep coming back. and the more he is back here, the better he will do. if he continues to have a message that says one basic thing. i understand your problems, and i believe i can fix them. >> bill: here is the problem with that, that barack obama was in ohio today and barack obama is a good campaigner and he touches people too and look you have got the cleveland, that's going to go democrat. always goes democrat there okay? and then you have got, you know, the certain republic precincts but i'm surprised. i really am. i thought that mitt romney would be doing much much better in ohio. is it about television advertising? is it television advertising equal there? is there another variable that i don't understand? >> well, you said it in your talking points. p
FOX News
Sep 29, 2012 1:00am PDT
. if the president succeeds in winning re-election, raising the capital gains tax, i'm not going to invest as much. i think a lot of people are like me. the economy is continuing. all right. so let's get on to mitt romney. he has got to be as confounded as i am over these numbers. now he has got one chance. do you agree with that by the way he has got to do it on wednesday. >> he does have to do it by wednesday. president reagan, then governor reagan had the opportunity to do it in the final debate of that year. he turned it around in the final debate. >> bill: you didn't have all the crazy media that you have now. >> he was not running against the media jimmy carter. that's one important difference. the other part is despite the confusion, the distraction, it is up to governor romney to step forward and i mean galvanize the american public, the voting public. he can't do this by saying that we both care about the middle class. the fact of the matter is, the middle class has been torn to pieces. the republic party isn't acknowledging the social contract and the subcontracts that have been torn to pie
Search Results 0 to 31 of about 32 (some duplicates have been removed)